COVID-19 Response

First off, we hope to find you healthy and safe during these troubling times. As more and more things are coming out about COVID-19 we want to let everyone know about what is happening with your local hometown feedstore. We are distributors of agricultural products and feed, so we are considered essential business. We will stay open through this and we are keeping our same store hours. We are taking active steps to make sure you, our customers, ourselves, and the rest of our community stays safe. We are cleaning and sanitizing multiple times a day, we are practicing social distancing inside and outside of our store, and we are offering extra services to help keep you safe. We are still offering in store pickup and delivery, but we are also going to accept call in orders where you place your order, pay over the phone, and we will load it for you with minimal or no person to person contact. Many of our vendors are stocked up with plenty of products and have very minimal supply issues. We have had some issues with extra pet food demand from new customers but are increasing our order sizes to accommodate everyone. We are striving to do the same with more loads coming in daily. We have not seen much hoard buying and we greatly appreciate that. Our supply chains have not been greatly affected! If you would like to purchase more than your normal order so you don’t have to get out as often then we understand. We are asking for you, our customers to work with us and give us some notice so we can order properly. We know everyone feels that they are in uncharted water and we understand because in many aspects of our lives we are. Here at Texas Country Farm Supply we plan to continue to be as normal as possible and we appreciate each and every one of our customers!!!

~Jonathan George