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Rhode Island Reds

This "old time breed" is dark red in color and is a great producer of delicious brown eggs.

Jumbo Cornish Cross

Bred for efficient production of broiler meat. You can expect to have fresh natural meat in 7-8 weeks.

Red Broilers

Bred for efficient production of broiler meat. These broilers rarely experience leg problems, are more active, better suited for grazing hence, grow slightly slower.

Buff Orpingtons

These birds will produce high quality eggs in good quantities. Coloring is yellow orange. Quiet temperament, friendly disposition and excellent setters.

Barred Rocks

Dual pupose bird will give you both eggs and meat. Outstanding layers and have long lifespan.

Mommoth Bronze

The bronze turkey has a good growth rate, body confirmation and feed conversion. You can enjoy a big, beautiful bird with inherent vigor and livability – great choice for free range. One day old!

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