Happy Horse 14-Day Sweat Resistant Fly Spray

Happy Horse

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 Ready to use: Quick knockdown with a unique 1% Cypermethrin formula that stays active and keeps working even when the horse sweats, and after rainfall.

– Long Lasting:  Up to14-days of weather resistant protection.

-Ultimate Protection: Provides repellency and long lasting protection from: Horseflies, Houseflies, Stableflies, Faceflies, Hornflies, Deerflies, Gnats, Mosquitoes (Culex spp.).

-Contains Citronella:  No overpowering chemical smell, pleasantly scented with citronella to keep the bugs at bay.

-All Angle Sprayer: Powerful all angle sprayer allows you to fan spray upside down and sideways to get those hard to reach places.

-Trusted Brand: Happy Horse is a brand you can trust; proudly made in the USA by a team of equestrians and operated since 1997.

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