Harris Scorpion Traps


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Harris Scorpion glue traps contain a formulated glue to traps scorpions and other crawling insects.

  • Pesticide-Free
  • Used by professional exterminators
  • For residential and commercial use
  • Easy to use and guaranteed to work


Our Traps area Guaranteed to work and offer homeowners an easy pesticide free solution for trapping and monitoring of scorpions in your home.

How to Use:

You will simple peel off the protective side of the trap, this will expose the sticky trap.

You can use the traps flat or fold them into rectangle topped boxes, this will protect the surface from pets and dust.

Place the traps in cool, dark areas of the home, and garage.

Replace traps every 90 days or when the surface is covered with insects.

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Additional information

WEIGHT .125 lbs
DIMENSIONS 4 × .20 × 10 in

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